Random track mute/unmute trick

Hi all!

I just figured out a little trick to generate random tracks mute/unmute. Not sure if anyone thought about this before, but i couldn’t find it with the search tool. Sorry if this is the case.

So here is the trick :

  • Activate Pyramidi in the settings. I choosed channel 16 for my test.
  • Connect your MIDI B out to the MIDI in of the Pyramid.
  • Set up a few notes note on Track 1. Pyramidi makes its mute state controllable with CC1.
  • On another track, set your your output on MIDI B channel 16, and step up an LFO with S&H waveform and CC1 output.

I still have to fine tune the LFO range settings as i made that quickly, but track 1 mute/unmute will now be randomly controlled by that LFO. And you can add 3 more LFO on the same track to control more tracks with the adequate CCs. You should be also able to automate LFO parameters with the Effect stepmode to make it evolve with time.

If i made no mistake, this could open more doors for generative music with the Pyramid.
Correct me if i wrote something wrong. I just wanted to share before more testing (it’s too early in the morning to plug some instruments :wink:).



Im not terribly fond of pure random, or LFO control. I was thinking about exploring a similar approach using Nodal to send Track On/Off to the Pyramid thereby gaining algorithmic control over the expression of changing passages. Pyramid Tracks for a single instrument are selected for complexity based on what has been played before (avoiding complex phrases jumping immediately to simple ones except in rare circumstances since the impact is significant).

Right now I’m using a button controller to select the “complexity level” or variation manually.

MIDI loops frighten the heck out of me, so i tend to find adding another sequencer into the mix stops me from reaching for the Xanax.

Note: ive wondered about using the OctaTrack to do this also, since it is lush with MIDI LFOs, but then back to the LFO thang. Heh


Me too. Scared of MIDI loops. But yeah, like @CreepyPants , might experiment with pushing the CCs out of another sequencer (Likely Bitwig, if I can get the timing tight enough).

I wish there were more tips/tricks/hacks/mad experiments on these Pyra boards. Seems like it’s gone a bit quiet on that front of late. I’m especially interested in the generative stuff. Which probably tells y’all all you need to know about my compositional chops hah!


I understand what you mean. On my side, i just start thinking about generative technics and use of randomness in my music, so i lack experience with that. But for sure this little trick will never give you such flexibility than a software like Nodal. I understand why you use it, but that’s kind of sad if like me you choosed the Pyramid to get a bit away from your computer fo music :wink:

The Eurorack world got a lots of modules dedicated to randomness and how to tame and control it. But it’s expensive and brings other problems : dealing with polyphony, controlling gears outside the Eurorack system with those modules. Not impossible though, but still difficult… well, i guess as i am not yet working with module, just exploring the possibilities before looking for the money to start haha.

I guess i’m not enough aware of what hurt MIDI loops can do to your system? Do you think i could have bricked my Pyramid? Before looping the physical MIDI port, i just checked in the settings that the clock wasn’t listened from external source :slight_smile:
And nothing happend to my Pyramid!

Well, the bit about Nodal is that they have a Linux version and if/when I get things to my taste, I can dump it on a RasberryPi in a nondescript box dedicated to one task.

Which is kind of what most music hardware is these days. :slight_smile:
I know I know - I’m not trying to be “that guy that says ‘they’re all computers anyway’” because I understand the desire to get away from the computer. For myself, I use a DAW to create and test and build MIDI clips, write songs, test out layers, etc. Then I dump it on the Pyramid and go from there, but the bones are built in a DAW. It works with the way I visualise stuff, so I’m happy with this process.

I don’t think MIDI loops can brick your Pyramid. I don’t know enough to state that unequivocably, though. But: Murphy’s Law and all - and I’ve run into stuck notes in live situations and it’s not fun. (With older equipment and back in the old days - I’m admittedly only dealing with emotional baggage) I’m kind of wilfully ignorant these days, so your mileage may vary. :slight_smile: Perhaps someone with knowledge/experience can chime in on that.

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