Random samples with midi


My rample is on its way but wondered if you could answer a quick question, I’ve looked here and the manual but couldn’t see an answer

I see when triggering via gate you can trigger layers of samples randomly and it says you can do the same with velocity when using midi.

Can you set the rample to play randomly using midi without changing velocity or is that the only way? Also if random does it matter what velocity I use for each hit as its randomly selecting a sample?

Hope that makes sense and thank you


The MIDI Implementation on the Rample is extremely powerful. Like you I desire to control my Rample via MIDI. A good place to start for info would be the Manual, esp the MIDI Implementation, the Layers section, and/or the Settings section(s).

If I understand your question, you want to be able to set the Rample to play Layers Randomly. You can set this as a Default option for kits (Manual: Settings → Layer), or set this for a particular SP within in a kit (Manual: Layer; Save these settings to the Kit via Settings → Store) . You can also set/change these via MIDI.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. Have read the manual and i really like how direct and easy to follow it is, just couldn’t see if the random default setting was for cv or both cv and midi so thanks for the answer.

I have set up my launchpad pro mk3 today to control all the effect settings so all set for when it arrives. Cant wait to get it added to my rack and get jamming so thanks again


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