Random MIDI notes in sequences

Hi all

New Hapax user, I have my Hapax as the sequencing brains for 11 synths and a few drum machines.

Experiencing what seems to be MIDI glitches with my first few forays, similar to some of the issues described in an old thread here

On the patterns I’ve created sending MIDI notes to external synths, the patterns will play through a few times before randomly generating repeated quick notes in with the MIDI sequence. It’s behaving somewhat like a MIDI loop, however turning off the master keyboard (the only MIDI device inputting MIDI info) makes no difference. MIDI monitor doesnt show anything unusual. Its the same note playing over in quick succession, and it happens on different tracks and patterns.

What else should I be checking?

what mode is it in when it happens

Thanks - pattern mode, however I’m pretty sure it’s doing it in live and step too, but I’ll need to check

Any suggestions on things I should be checking on the Hapax?

make sure to contact squarp through their form. i dont have anything really

What is your setup, incl. which connections do you use?

Start by making sure you don’t have a midi loop going on or something like that. See if it helps to disconnect any midi in cables. For usb, disable the input for each track. Does the problem persist? Then there might be something going on inside the Hapax. If the problem goes away, there is an external source causing the problem

Thanks @Maarten

I have 11 synths connected via an ESI midi hub, all via DIN, and a master keyboard connected
Into the Hapax via MIDI DIN in. No USB used at at all

Unplugging the master keyboard from MIDI in doesn’t make any difference. The patterns I’ve written still have extra C notes triggered randomly after a few play throughs

I’m going to experiment again with a fresh project and see if it repeats

Do any of the synths have an arp or sequencer that could be getting triggered? You could try removing the midi hub and using the midi thru outputs on the synths to chain them together, I use my hapax this way, its solid.

Have you got track 16 in use? I use that to transpose everything but i set it to a cv port or something so it doesnt trigger notes on a synth.

I would try removing the midi hub and seeing if the issue goes away, good luck

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Huh, I think you don’t need to actually set an output port for track 16 if you want to use it as transpose track only? Just leave it empty? Tbh, I have never actually used the transpose track, but based on what I read in the manual, I think it should work without an output port set?

For me it always has a midi out set, I might have missed a no output setting?