Ramples Noodles

Not sure why I’m posting this.
Had my Rample up and running for 4 days - spending most of it writing an MTPro script to make it work more like 4xmono romplers (Everything Pitched via MIDI Note #, Velocity affects Envelope & Level, CC modulation affects Layers, Bitcrush/Freeze/Filter remain accessible via MIDI CC). Hit some random pads on Pyramid with different Track lengths for some of the Bitcrush/Freeze/Filter FX.

I don’t do glitch, so I don’t understand the aesthetic.
I find this frighteningly hypnotic, tho.
It is literally about 20min of work with no direction, no vision, no goal other than to see what the Rample can do - spent more time with the demo verson of Magic Music Visuals to make the reactive bar thingie. I think I’ve addressed nearly every feature that’s accessible via MIDI into this - with just a little bit of unmuting Tracks at the beginning.

It’s more interesting about half way through.
Skip to there.

Kit is one of the stock sets: M0
All those noises are just 4 samples
Only kit I’ve made is robot voices stating numbers 1-12 so I can test Layers. :smile:



Aaaaah, glad to hear some of DET’s kits be put to good use in the wild, haha. All the M kits are bangers, imo
I like the groove, and it’s a nice showcase of the FX too, kudos :smiley:

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I don’t suppose you have a midi fighter twister do you?

I have a hunch… that rample and the twister would be… absurdly perfect for each other… But it’s perhaps… 2nd or 3rd in my modular wish list… which will mostly be a modular bassline box from heck… erica black vcos… a nice polivoks filter… it’s gonna be sick…

but anyway, yeah… 4 sample audio player + four part rhythm sequencer… sounds like a match made in heaven.

Ah, no. No MF Twister here.
Those look great, but I have enough ‘button boxes’ and could never rationalise purchasing one.

The effects are just random sequences of modulation from the Pyramid:

  • 4 Tracks of Note Events, one for each SP, basically one bar each with MIDI Fx
  • 8-10 Tracks of random modulations in odd numbers of bars (so they don’t loop in sync with the Note Event Tracks - completely not tracked to sync with any actual Note Events, as in: here’s some modulation, if there’s a note happening, kool…if not, no worries)
  • Just brought in Tracks Kick up, and then shut down at the end Kick up again. Everything in between has no human interaction - just turn it on and let it go.

Oh, and using my MTpro script to facilitate pitch by Note# and envelope control by Velocity. I have Layer modulations in there, but I didn’t even check to see if that Kit has Layers.

Sometimes I do this random looping stuff for inspiration: just set a bunch of random stuff happening, then track it out for 10-20min, then go back and listen to see if there’s anything that inspires me.

I’m rather impressed with how interesting this came out for all it’s random noodling and 20min of actual thought. The visualiser took longer to make/attach. This means I have a LOT of deeper diving into the Rample than I thought.

This is a much more impressive and inspiring instrument than I expected.

well button boxes are just button boxes but the twister is also a 4 part rhythm sequencer which is why I chose it over everything else that was just a “button box”.

The four part rhythm sequencer has an encoder for a “filter” which is usually a LP/HP but could be anything… it’s just a specific CC. it has mutes and volumes for each part. in the sequence page every knob is a note. press the button and it just turns the note on to its highest velocity, turn the knob and it raises the notes velocity in addition to turning the note on. the top knob on the sequencer page is the sample selector… which can select from up to 12 different samples…

Now to me… It just seems like a very small jump to hook up a midi fighter twister to a rample… The math aligns very well… But like I’ve said elsewhere… people generally buy what they believe will make their music better and the twister speaks for itself… eventually I will do the legwork myself if nobody else puts… 4 and 4 together. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it works well for you.
That’s great to hear!

My goal for the Rample is to have two because: reasons.
Pyramid gets most of my sequencing needs - although I might need a second of those too because I’m maxing out the tracks with nearly one full bank dedicated to lighting control.