rampleOS 2.00 - new firmware

Hey everyone !

We’re delighted to announce the release of RampleOS 2.00 !

Thanks to a major rework of the OS, this upgrade includes an overall better sound quality and much improved latency.

On top of that, the effects Freeze and Bitcrusher have been redesigned, and the parameters Start and Sample Length are now exponential to ease the fine-editing of your samples.

Grab the release right now!



Excellent! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:
Thank you!

Heck yes! Nice one!

There seems to be some type of glitch when too many triggers happen. If I just quickly drum out two pads a light at the top starts flickering and the sound glitches.

I think I started noticing this yesterday as well. Though maybe I had some kind of quick flam/roll happening from my sequencer, but that was not the case.

EDIT: This is with MIDI coming from a Five12 Vector. I’ll try another MIDI source as well as “normal” triggers from my system…

I did a SD format and it seems better. I think the Midi Channel is not being respected though. I have a controller sending information on Channel 11 and my Rample, set to Channel 10 is responding.

Awesome, thanks for this FWupdate!
Freeze effect feels more intuitive to use now.

Is there any chart/explanation about the “extra dots” showing up occasionally? Are they showing different states of Rample?

Also all momentary effects (hold button, turn knob) seem to snap back to zero after releasing the button except the bitcrusher. It leaves the effect on the current value.
Is this expected behaviour?

Congrats on the 2.0 release and i gotta say i’m happy that you’re continuing to support this module!

The release notes make mention of a bugfix for 24-bit layers - does this mean that OS 2.0 can now handle 24-bit samples?

I’ve been trying to get some SamplesFromMars packs to work on my Rample and the 24-bit mono samples don’t ever seem to work and i’d prefer to not downsample the whole collection if possible.

Replying to add: have established that problems with other samples not (wholly) down to bitrate, having converted samples in Audacity to 16-bit, they still are not recognized at all by the module. I’ll open a new topic to ask about this.

WHOLLY! Yes! I JUST seen this! :metal: