rampleOS 1.40 - new firmware

Hey y’all!

We’re happy to announce rampleOS 1.40!

Here’s a little video to illustrate what this release brings along:

This update is quite significant, as we’re not only greatly improving the module’s stability, but also introducing some exciting features.

Here’s an excerpt from the release note:

New features

  • midi keyboard split + polyphony (play sample as chromatic notes or chords with voice-stealing)
  • Wrapping volt/octave pitch control


  • improved latency (time between trig and sample playback)
  • freeze effect improved (longer sampled time)

Bug fixes

  • fixed freeze (after a dozen of minutes for some users)

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Really looking forward to upgrading my Rample to the new version! This opens up a ton of possibilities.

Will there be any new artist kits or packs that show off the new v/oct and MIDI polyphony modes?

This is great! First OS release since I got the module and it’s very exciting.

Long live Squarp (and Rample!). :bowing_man:

wow, looking forward to trying this out :slight_smile:

can’t wait to try polyphony and very happy to have the chance to monitor the layer triggered on screen. Thanks guys, this is awesome.

Beautiful, enjoying every minute of it!

Update: This is an incredible module that just rocks and with this firm upgrade. The module out preform itself, it keeps up with my style of playing and I am in the clouds. Thank you Squarp!!! Great Job…

Bug fixes

  • fixed freeze (after a dozen of minutes for some users)

That is not fix for me. It is more after half hour or so of continuous playing, but it freezes. on 1.41

I did reformat the card following the instructions with SD card formatter a few weeks ago. This morning when I pulled the card out and into the computer a LARGE numbers of files (samples) are now corrupted. Reformatting now.

Should I contact support?

yes, use the contact form


Yes, you should, I am having the same problem again where it crashes and freezes. This is so annoying and I pray they figure this out. Perhaps maybe put together a list of trigger modules that work. It crashes with my Triggerman, and sometimes with my Gallop. Right now I have the QD and haven’t been using this device as much. I really like the sounds that come out of it but if this continues. It’s time to part with it.

Tbh since I did a complete reformat of the sd card and not only a quick one with the recommended software, I didn’t run into issue anymore. Yes it take a while for the formatting (approx 40 min) but after that no trouble. Also; I trigger with a hermod and tr-06.