Rample won't respond to inputs, just a vertical line on the right side of the display

It started out gradually, some times when I turn it on I get the arrow pointing towards the SD card, so I reformatted that according to the instructions, and that kind of worked some of the time ( but now all I get is one vertical line and no response to any kind of input whether it be from the knobs/buttons or the CV inputs.

Any idea what might be causing this issue? The card reads fine on my computer, so I’m worried that my unit is fried :sob:

Hi @djhawn

I’m very sorry to read you’re having issues with your unit.
Please contact us through the contact form below, and we’ll try and sort this out

Wow, the exact same thing just happened to me this week, too. I’ll use the contact form, too,

Can’t tell if this is 2484 or 2686. If someone from Squarp can confirm? I am submitting my inquiry on the contact form as 2484.

@bigcat75 I actually just figured out my issue. The mircoSD card was dead. I was able to get it to work every time when I replaced the card.

Good to know. I’ll try that, too. When I plug it into my PC I can read the card just fine, though… I’ll try another card, too. Thanks!!

FWIW it seemed like my card was working fine, MOST of the time. But I tried re-formatting it twice in a row, with the overwrite feature on that software that Squarp recommends you use. When I did a “quick format” it all seemed fine. Worth a shot since it’s the cheapest/easiest solution to try.

Apparently some cards aren’t fast enough for the Rample, so keep that in mind.

:frowning: djhawn I just tried a new card it didn’t work :frowning:

I was able to submit a ticket so hopefully Squarp can help me. Thanks for all of the replies! I tried a Sandisk v30 Extreme card and it didn’t work, so in the interim I’ll try another card.

@djhawn It is working now! I had to use the recommended tool to format the SD card. Thanks!

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