Rample with mantis case


My Rample seems to have problem when installed in Tiptop Audio Mantis case, it freezes at startup. But it works fine with other cases and I cannot figure out why. Seems very strange, please help


Id think this would be something to contact Squarp about at squarp.net/contact

mantis has a pretty strong psu - no?
so i’d guess you are no where near your amp levels on any of the rails (+12,5v,-12v) - though worth checking.

perhaps its having an issue with another module at power on, so called current inrush - its not an uncommon issue in eurorack unfortunately.

so id try to see if there is another module causing the issue…

what I would try is (in order of ‘difficulty’ :wink: )
a) use different bus
I believe mantis has 3 different bus boards, try on each

b) put rample alone on one bus board

c) remove all modules except rample, does it work?
if so , add one module at a time… when does it fail?
try with just that ‘failing’ module + rample only - is it still failing or is it ‘cumulative’

unfortunately, Eurorack has these issues occasionally… power distribution and noise sometimes only rear their ugly head when a new module is added - and its often not that module that is ‘at fault’ , rather just the combo… irritating for sure!

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I followed your method and turned out its 4ms QCD that stops rample from booting up. Never ran into this problem before, thanks for your help! :grinning:


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