Rample With Beatstep Pro

Hello, hoping you guys can help out a newbie

I have an arturia beat step pro that i use for sequencing. The best step pro is not connected to a computer its stand alone for recording sequences. I need to be able to generate a metrenome so that i can record in real time. I have the rample on seq 3 the drum track

How do i get a metronome sound out of rample since i see there is a midi 3.5 connection on the mod, I have no other midi gear.

I need the metronome for real time recording for the oscillators on seq 1 and seq 2 of the beatstep

Any help would be appreciated


If you wish to connect via MIDI: I Googled for some info on the type of 3.5mm MIDI connection for the Beatstep Pro and found this site: https://minimidi.world

It would seem the Beatstep is TRS-B while the Rample is TRS-A.

Since they are different, you may want to review the thread here 3.5mm MIDI to 3.5mm MIDI

If the Beatstep Pro also has CV outputs. Rample can accept CV also.

Once youve made physical connection, review the Rample manual for details on setting up the Rample (notes, modulations, etc) at https://squarp.net/rample/manual

Thanks for the feedback

Looks like XOXO Modular: MIDIXO (Model 92½ & 92¾) TRS MIDI Module is the solution for me, I cant run CV for the metronome it needs to be a midi port selection.

I believe the default midi channel for the unit is 10 and I think the default note is C1

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