Rample what am I doing wrong triggering layers

Hi, any ideas where I am going wrong, I am using a Erica Synth Black sequencer to trigger Rample and it will only trigger samples on first starting the sequencer and it will not fire sequential layers. I have the samples set up to cycle in layers, after playing the first layer on channels one through four the sequencer will not trigger anything else unless I stop the sequencer and restart it. I am using the gate mode from the Black Sequencer. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

sounds odd…

I think first thing is to try to determine where the source of the issue is…

have you tried using a:

  • different layer modes?
  • trig rather than gate?
  • different source (square lfo, another seq, manual voltate) for trig?
  • experimenting with run modes
  • looking at gate from sequencer on scope or similar

also does manually trigger the sample work?

trying these kind of things, will let you know if its something odd about the black sequencers gates, or something odd about the layers

Id say its something your are doing with your sequencer as you say

but rample knows nothing about your sequencer starting and stopping, all it sees is gate voltages.

this means, your sequencer is doing something with that gate voltage that is different on the first ‘run’, and then subsequent loops.

my guess, and it can only be that is…
your sequencer is not taking the gate low (dropping to zero volts), its just going high on start… and then just staying high (perhaps due to overlapping gates, and no retrig?)
then when you stop your sequencer, it probably forces all gates low… hence why it works on restart.

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