Rample v/oct not tracking well at all v1.45


I had trouble with the v/oct not tracking well when I was on 1.41.
I updated to 1.45, it seemed to be much better. I’d say it was missing a note by a half step 5% of the time, which is bad, but still felt usable.

Somehow, it has degraded to missing the pitch more than 50% of the time.

here is an example (this video is unlisted):

QuNexus is going into Hermod via midi.
Hermod sends CV and Gate to Rample.

I know it’s not Hermod or QuNexus’s fault because I have them sending the same information to plaits and it works fine. The problem is Rample.

it’s as if it is confused and doesn’t really know what the target is, unless I insist on it.

Any help / workarounds ?


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