Rample update issue rample.bin file not supported?

Hey guys, Having an issue with my Rample with certain samples being erased during playback which seems to be common with the older updates. I bought my rample last October (2020) and have not updated it yet so decided to try and I’m getting confused.

I downloaded Rample OS 1.3 from the download link on Squarp’s site and the Rample.bin file is in an “unsupported format”. So I can’t drag and drop it into my sd card at all.

Anybody recommend anything I can try? I’m currently running macOS Big Sur 11.2.2

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what are you doing exactly? what is giving you ‘unsupported format’?

is you sdcard from your rample readable on your mac currently? if not perhaps its been corrupted?
if you can read/write to it, you should just be able to drop it on the sdcard…
the mac should not care if its a ‘supported’ format or not.

Im using BigSur 11.2.2 as well, and had no issues with this.

Im guessing some how your sdcard has become completely corrupted if your mac cannot read it.
in which case you will need to format it as fat32.

however, you will have lost all your factory samples…
due to licensing issues, these are not available for public download, you will need to contact squarp for these via the contact form .

(of course, if you have backed up the samples previously, then you wont need to do this :slight_smile: )

btw: I should point out the issue of corrupt samples due to the early version of the firmware, just made that kit unreadable - it didn’t corrupt the whole sdcard - so this sounds a bit unusual.
is it the orginal sdcard? perhaps its a fault sdcard?

I appreciate all the info and you trying to help out. I’m actually even more confused now. It seemed to be an issue with my mac itself. My roommate came home and I was able to drag the rample.bin file into the folder and update Rample. I confirmed version 1.3 in settings > info.

Within a minute of turning the Rample back on and running a sequence on sample D4, track one starts cutting out. (I’ll take a video so you can see.) This is the same exact issue I was running into before I updated it. It seems to be only an issue with certain samples. Maybe just those samples have been corrupted? How does that happen? I haven’t had this module for very long and I’m very careful around my gear so it’s a bit frustrating.

My computer wasn’t letting me import ANY files into the sd card. So, I’ll sort the issue with my computer out. It is the original SD card.

I’ve tried to reach out to Squarp via the contact form but they haven’t replied to me yet.

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Seems I can’t upload a video to here

if its particular kits, then sounds like those kits might be corrupted.

you’ll have to use other kits, until squarp get back to you with the samples.
(they are pretty quick, obviously outside the weekend :slight_smile: )

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