Rample turning off and on very quickly

Hello everyone, I received the Rample yesterday for my first modular synth, but I got an issue :

When I plug my Rample into an headphone amp and plug my headphones everything works fine, but when I plug the Rample to the headphone amp that goes in my preamp the Rample goes crazy and turns off then on very quickly, I need to turn off the power, unplug my preamp and power it on to use it again

Has anyone encountered this issue before ?

I tried updating the firmware, but it doesn’t fix it
I have 2000 mA on my PSU, and I only got a few modules so that’s probably not a power issue

Thank you for the help

Ive never experienced this…

I’d say the Rample is designed to output modular levels signals…( * ) , you’d need to talk to Squarp , on why this might not be suitable for a headphone amp via the contact form.
(impedence related?)

if its only doing it with your headphone amp… and not (for example) if you plug the Rample into another Eurorack module… then frankly, Id say its not designed for that use-case. (**) … again, Squarp can given you details on this.

sorry, its speculation, but in this case… its always best to ask Squarp directly, as they are the only ones with the spec sheet for components etc, and theres not enough published on the website, to definitely answer this… so only the can give the true answer.

note: if Rample is restarting, its likely to be its ‘under-volting’ for some reason… basically too much power draw… (which given your supply, I would be concerned about)

btw: I dont think this would damage the Rample, but frankly, until you find out the cause… I would definitely not risk doing it again… in case its burns something out!

(*) bizarrely, I though Rample had an option for line level on the sum output (not the individuals) , but I cannot find a reference to this on specs/manual… either im blind, or just mis-remembered :slight_smile:

(**) generally you are ‘suppose’ to use output modules in eurorack, unless the module explicitly supports line level. similarly… Eurorack modules outputs are not designed to be used with headphone… unless of course they have a headphone jack :wink:
in practice, many eurorack modules directly into audio interfaces and (external) mixers , and usually dont have issues… as these very often support modular levels (ymmv !)

Sent an email at Squarp, thank you very much for your reply !

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