Rample Transissions

Hello, I have a question about the Rample. When I control the rample with a sequencer, the transitions between the tones are very unclean. It sounds very ticked off and it clicks very ugly. Is there a trick to make the transitions between notes smoother? Thanks in advance

Is there nobody who has the same problem?

sounds like your samples…but you don’t given enough details to really know whats going on.

are they factory samples?
are you using slices? are they correctly aligned?
are you cutting the samples short? (length, quick transitions)
what run mode are you using?
have you tried altering the env?
have you turned on anti-click in the settings?

basically, if you sequence things on a mono voice, and don’t get the sample to return to zero…
then its going to click…as you wont be getting zero crossings, and the jump forms an audio discontinuity.

I’m using a self-recorded mono bass sound. The sample is about 20s long. The sequencer trigger distances are shorter. I have anti-click enabled. I’ve tried attack and decay but it doesn’t change anything. I also tried it with an external Adsr and Vca but then there is no more sound. The Rample is otherwise on factory setting

if your sample is 20s and you’re re-triggering less than full sample length… then its going to need to have some kind of enveloping on it, otherwise its inevitable you’ll get clicks.

this is true of any sound source, that does already include some kind of enveloping built into the sound.
we often get away with percussive sounds not being enveloped, since they are short, thus contain an envelope.though even there, we can get clicks if we trigger faster than the samples natural decay.

two things to perhaps consider… (I dont have time to dig into at the moment)

  • review how rample’s env is working with the different run modes and length of rample.
    (idea being here, that you can utilise the built-in enveloping of rample)
  • you could assign a CV input to level, this enables an external envelope to control the built in vca.
    (make sure level = 0)

you’ll also want to consider the difference between gates and trigs, if you are wanting to play the sample for different lengths of time. (and bare in mind env in rample is only an AD)

Im not sure what this means… there is no reason this won’t work… its all just audio/cv.
though, bare in mind adsr’s use gates NOT trigs.

Thank you for the detailed help. I played around with the individual parameters and got a clean result. I have one more problem. When I play the rample with the OPZ via midi, I don’t get the right notes that I press on the keyboard. I always have to press the key twice to get the right note. First I thought it might be a problem with the OPZ, but with a normal VCO everything works

sorry, I don’t have an OPZ…perhaps try something else, see if you get the same issue…
if you do, report to Squarp via the contact form

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