Rample so unstable

why why why does this module suck balls? It’s ridiculous!!! why is this so unstable? it just crashed on me LOL WTF

it seems to be fine for many people…
so Id expect its one of the following:

  • corrupt sd card ,
    reload kits (these can be obtained from squarp via contact form)
  • power issue
    pretty common with Eurorack, esp with digital modules.
    try running the Rample powered on its own, to see if this helps - then add one module at a time to see if one is causing issues.
    sometimes moving things around on to different bus boards can help, depending on your power setup.
  • hardware issue with Rample.
    I don’t think Ive seen any reported cases, but of course always a possibility.

generally, Id advise you to contact Squarp via the contact form , so that they can work thru your specific problems directly with you.

Im closing this topic, as I hope the above may help, or if not its better worked thru with Squarp directly - and frankly given the tone, I don’t really see it going anywhere positive… as you are not providing any details, and its hardly a ‘constructive’ post.