Rample served by the Digitakt layer play mode mapped to encoder in DT

Hey Peeps, just configured the Digitakt to serve the Rample, works like a charm, got some CC’s on the encoders from the DT, moving parameters in the Rample cool.

Just noticed 1 thing (for now :stuck_out_tongue:) i configured 1 encoder to browse between the sample layer play mode, when turning the encoder unexcepted things happen, so he switches from random to manual to cycling, in no particular order, is it something i do wrong? i wanna get control over ths layer playmode thing

greets Jeff

I send CC61 to the Rample to change the Layer Mode of SP1.
3=R Cyclic

Note: It would seem to me that 0-25 Manual, 26-50 Random, 51-75 Cyclic, 76-100 RCyclic, and 101+ Velocity would be more consistent with previous Squarp schemes (which I adore), but this could be also be a way to allow for more options at a later date.

Nevertheless, I’d check:

  • Which CC are you sending
  • What Value are you sending
  • Do you have the latest OS
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Hey mate,

indeed cc61 for the sp1
latest update (1.4)
and i use 1 of DT’s encoders to change.

maybe i must get used tobit, but it seems he picks randomly, if i turn the knob hard left i get the manual mode…(1 sample), then if ivturn the knob back he does strange things, looks like he shoots random choices, so sometimes the cycle, sometimes the random and so on, i want to have control over it

anyhow tnxs for you’re interest…greets Jeff

Can you verify what CC value you are sending?

goes from 0-127 at zero value, he plays 1 sample

playin right now, i think i understand now.
turn the knob to zero value goes to manual, then turn the knob back to about 15, then he chooses another, turn the knob back to zero and its back in manual, then back to 15 or so, and he flips to another play mode, so i think back to zero value is some kind of reset. (i think :slight_smile: )


I am not aware of a ‘reset’ function as you describe.
I use this feature regularly - I find it much easier to define Rample actions within a sequencer Project, so upon loading, my rig sends out the CC’s to configure my Rample.

If you’ve found what works for you, that is great.

However, I would start looking at issues within the DT, such as if it is sending out other values than what you think it should be doing. (Or if the DT sequencer is running and sending out MIDI Data)

Again: in my understanding & experience, any CC value >5 that is sent should yield a Layer Mode of Velocity. Therefore, a value of 15 as you describe should always be Velocity.

If this gets troublesome for you, you can always contact Squarp directly at squarp.net/contact

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hey mate, tnxs will look into that

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