Rample - Selecting layer with CV?

I’m very interested in purchasing a Rample.

From what I’ve read on the Mod Wiggler forum, you can’t use CV to control which “layer” of the sample plays. It was mentioned that this is a common feature request and it may be provided at a later date. Is this still the case?

I’m interested in using randomly generated sequences and voltages to play samples and select layers.

Could you convert CV to midi then use this to select the layer for each of the 4 samples?

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as far as I remember this has always been possible … so not quite sure where thats come from.
(its in the manual here )

set layer to manual, then use assign to assign one of the cv inputs to layer.

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Thanks so much technobear! I somehow completely missed that layer was a parameter you can assign!

So if I connect a random trigger input to Gate 1, assign CV 1 to Sample 1 and select layer as the parameter to control, if I then connect a random CV to CV 1 it would play random layers from Sample 1?

indeed, but that would be kind of a waste of a cv, since there is a random option already for layer :wink:

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Thanks again! I’ve just ordered a Rample. Looks like a great module and am really excited for it to arrive.

I’m planning on using a Turing machine to generate the random CV pattern, then “lock” and loop the pattern so it keeps repeating repeats, but also have the ability to evolve it over time. I hope this makes sense. I’m still very new to the modular world.

It would be really cool if Rample had a “shuffle” feature, so the initialised order that the layers are played is random, but it is looped every x steps, so it is more musical than ongoing pure randomness.

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Hi @aevai ,

Yes that’s been possible for a while now (more than 2 years).


Excellent feature! I just wish we could do more than 12 samples. 24 perhaps? Double-speed flashing LED to indicate you’re on the second bank of 12.

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