Rample Sample Layer selection via CC

Hello all! I’ve just started to dive into Rample and love it so far. My objective right now is to have different layers per voice that I can select via CC message. I found a discrepancy with the manual that I wanted to share, if it’s not related to my setup then maybe this should be amended:

When attempting to change a layer via CC, the first layer is represented by value 63 and not 0

This drove me nuts, as the troubleshooting was made impossible through my own mistake: I exported layer 2 by accident as a stereo file, so it would still show up as two dots on the display, but couldn’t be selected - neither manually, nor by CC.

Other than that I’ve been having a great time with this module, it’s such a powerhouse!

Update to my findings from yesterday: with 3 layers, the CC values are as follows:

Layer 1 = value 0 to 42
Layer 2 = value 42 to 87
Layer 3 = value 86 to 127

Are they possibly being distributed dynamically across the 127 value range? This would be consistent with 2 layers, where layer 1 is available from value 0 to 62, and layer 2 from value 63 to 127.

Still a bit counterintuitive if you want to trigger specific loops via CC values…

I think it’s set that way so that it’s intuitive for knob (or slider) MIDI controls.

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