Rample Polyphony?

Not sure if it’s been asked (or it’s somewhere in the manual) but is it possible to play the 4 voices polyphonically?

Asking for an FH-1 :slight_smile:


You mean play all 4 voices at once?

If you want to make a sort of 4 voice rompler-esque thing, tho, you need something to do the round robin bit.

Ok great! I figured since there’s cv and gate it should be possible; I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to get back to me with an answer lol


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Honestly, I MIDI.
So only guessing with CV.

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you can assign pitch to all voices w one cv input if you scroll over to the right (after you’ve selected which effect is going to the cv, Im only assuming you want V/oct). Then mult the gate with each one going to a voice input on the rample.

the real issue seems that the rample doesn’t track 1 V/oct… that or im missing something. The FH-2 has LEDs that represent the voltage (blue being negative voltage and red being positive) and mine never goes into the negative voltage range. Meaning it might not track properly because the rample only accepts 0 through 5 or -5 through +5 while my FH-2 is using 0 through +10 volts for pitch. Just a hunch.

its just easier w midi imo because you can assign the pitch of all 4 voices to a knob and all 4 voices to the same midi note. Now you just have to know how cc 0-127 applies to the 2 octave range that the rample covers. I made a little cheat sheet that i taped to my pyramid. Hope this makes sense.

So you got me interested and I did a little research. The two devices ive used both output pitch as 0-10v but i think the FH-1 can send pitch as -5 through +5 matching the option that the rample seems to use to properly track V/oct. The first little paragraph will help you arrange it if you still wanna go about it via CV/gate. Give it a whirl but also consider what Ezmyrelda is saying.

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I think this is a case of “It’s probably entirely within the realm of possibility but more work than is efficient considering there are other modules more suited for the purpose.”

I’m pretty sure there are romplers out there which are designed to be poly modules or trigger shifting modules which are way more suited for the task…

I applaud your interest in working with what you have though.

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Whether it’s CV or Midi, it’s not a deal breaker for me. I figured I have an FH1 with an expander that I’d like to put to good use, however I’ve now sold said FH1 so I’ll definitely try those suggestions out with midi. Some of the sounds in the kits would definitely create some interesting chords together, But to your point Ezmyrelda, I’ll most likely end up using it for what it was originally intended for. I appreciate the responses!

I should note I have an FH2 now :slight_smile:

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