Rample patch with beatstep pro

Newbee with modular
I try to sequence pitch out beatstep pro to cv in rample but nothing ,
I m following instruction…
Some help
Settings of rample seems a little smoky

what does that mean?

what did you try?
whats not working? whats happening?

I assumed you read the manual?

the cv input needs to be assigned to pitch, this is detailed in “Assign a CV input”

take note, of the new v/oct assignment target, which was introduced in a recent firmware.
so make sure you have the latest firmware for this… though pitch was always there, just not scaled correctly
if using the v/oct make sure you understand how the +/-5v are mapped to the 2 oct.

if you are doing this, then I would test with a few different things.
first check you you beatstep pro is sending out the cv, try with a different oscillator.
if that works, try assigning to something else to see if you are hearing any kind of modulation from the cv input.

Gate in dosn’t work with beatstep pro, I search
It’s cool
Thanks a lot for message
Yes i read manual

why? what’s the issue?

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