Rample Next Kit via Hapax

Hi, I am using a midi cable from Midi D on the Hapax to sequence my Rample. Can someone please tell me how I can use the Hapax to advance to next kit? Thank you!!

this is a function of the midi implementation of the Rample (not really related to Hapax)

see : manual : midi implementation

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 11.44.04

as you san see, you need to send a CC101

it doesn’t matter what the value is.
however, I suspect you must change it each time.
why? because sequencers will only send CCs when they change.

normally this is not an issue, however, I see ONE scenario that might cause an issue! (*)
if you want to just have a pattern that change the kit on every loop, e.g. on first beat.
the issue here is you only want one CC change.

so you put a CC101=1 on step 1… fine, it’l now change first time around, but not on loop repeat.
so you think, put CC101=0 on step 2 (or 16) , to reset cc but this would also force a kit change.
so thats not going to work.

this is not easy to get around…
the only way I can think of is to use a MIDI FX, the most obvious one is an LFO, set to say BAR sync.

anyway can’t say Ive played with this too much, as I’d tend to want to be more selective of kits.
in that scenario, its easier to use CC0, so select specific kits (which you can combine with CC101)

4 bar loop
bar 1 = CC0 =50 - kit 50, bar 2 = CC101=1, bar 3 = CC 101=2, bar 4 CC 101=3
this’ll work since b4 = 101=3, and bar 2 (on loop) CC101=1.

anyway, just needs a bit of creative thought usually to get what you desire :slight_smile:

( * ) Ive not tested this, but from the description, this is who things should work, if not, its mis-worded in manual :wink:

@Thibault_Squarp - there’s a good feature request here… make is to the CC100/101 (and alike) do NOT change if value is zero ! this way you can put CC101=1 on step 1, and CC101=0 on step 2.

Thank you for the detailed response. I will give these ideas a go.

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