Rample multi-sample s?


apologies if this is a basic question, but could not find any clear answers.
Can Rample be used to play a multi-sample, multi-layered collection of .wav files ? Say I have recorded a tuba on 36 tones in three different dynamic expressions (108 .wav files), can I use this with Rample, by mapping the incoming MIDI note to the appropriate pitched sample and velocity to the dynamic expression ?


there is layering of samples - which can be modulated with velocity, or cv (or randomly)
check out the manual

its not really a fully fledged multi-sampler though,

but being creative you could do a certain amount.
there is a midi split function, that allows using the 4 voices to have different octave range.
if you are using cv, then you could use v/oct into cv → layer to select different layer.
you could also prep samples as a kind of sample chain, then modulate the start position.

cv is definitely the most flexible of this, as midi has a tight implementation - though you could use a midi processor, to take you further.

there are some limits to be aware of:

  • max 12 layers
  • 4 slots per ‘kit’
  • currently you cant select kit by cv (to swap out a new set of samples)

so for a large set of samples, sample chains are the way forward.
(slicing is up to 64 slices, so thats pretty good)

I think this is the fun of modular … not grabbing a module that does exactly what you need (as you do with say VSTs) , but rather twisting it to your will, working around limitations.

anyway, you could suggest some enhancments to squarp to help do with any limitations you see, send these via the contact form as a feature request.

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Hey bear,

many thanks for the detailed answer.
For now I am just investigating what is the easiest way for me to bring some brass to my rack (short of playing it live alongside:) ). I must say, it does not look like an easily achieved goal with Rample, alternative is the 1010 music thing, but that is more expensive … More sitting on the fence awaits!


samplers range hugely on complexity, price, hp so really depends upon your needs…

probably alot of them can be twisted to your needs (with the right sample preparation)
others, can possibly do it out of the box. (*)

perhaps look at assimil8or, its not cheap, but very comprehensive.
at the other end, you have thing like the ES Disting EX, which might cover your needs.

I suspect you’ll find its a trade-off… convenience, price, form factor.
but for sure, there are a ton of samplers out there to take a look at!

(*) bare in mind that few eurorack modules have very powerful cpus, so the timestretching is likely to vary quite a bit.

Hey bear,

thanks again, I did intend to buy disting mkIV anyway because of the quantizer working on held MIDI notes, and now, thanks to you, I have found out I can get an EX instead, which is a double mkIV plus a multi-sampler player. Who knew !!! I will take a good look over the features first of course.

As for squarp, Pyramid and Hermod are still on my list of possible sequencers, so maybe I shall see you again!

Many thanks,

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