Rample Midi Input issues

Hello there. I have been trying to send midi program change and cc data to the rample and I’m not seeming to get things talking. I’ve tried sending on multiple channels, sending bank and program select as well as filter cc’s. Rample is unresponsive(both visually and audibly) to any midi control I send to it EXCEPT sample on/off messages. I have made sure the midi channel was correct on both rample and pyramid and also made sure program change was enabled and I was able to trigger samples via note messages so I know data is flowing. Anyone else unsuccessful with midi cc and program change?

Looks like the trs midi adapter was bad or the wrong wiring. All is well

Hi @dhbrowne4,

Sorry you had issues. Were you using the included Squarp MIDI-TRS adapter ?
Obviously, it should be the correct wiring as we tested those extensively. However if it was faulty, we’d like to know to improve our QC and possibly contact our supplier about it.