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Hi, everyone,

am a new user of rample, view a super module, the menu could be a little simpler.
to the question, does anyone have experience how I connect an opz or op1 via midi does it work and how?
Many thanks in advance

Rample has a TRS (TYPE A) MIDI INPUT

so you’ll need something from the op-z/op-1 to go to that…
something like a usb to midi din… then you can use the DIN to trs adapter that came with Rample.

there are a whole load of videos on youtube how how to get midi out of the op-z/op-1, so thats probably the best thing to research with … or ask on the op-forums.

apart from that the rample manual details the midi messages supported (for things like parameter mapping) - last page/parameter mapping

Thank you so much for the feedback.
unfortunately I have another problem.
rample can no longer read my sd card I accidentally opened an rft file or created a sample kit. without backup i have to format the card and don’t have the kits anymore. too bad…
I have now contacted squarp.

in the meantime, can you not just remove the ‘offending’ kit ?
(the rtf files are not used by rample, so will not be the issue - they are just their as ‘user’ documentation)

but yeah, generally, Id recommend people backup the factory kit when they get the rample.
(at least thats what I do with anything that I buy that has an sdcard or similar)

the squarp team fixed my problem with my sd card, a great support. Thank you so much.

I will now make a backup :wink:


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