Rample Issue, looking for diagnosis

First post here. I am not exactly sure how to best describe my problem. I’ve tried to find similar issues on the forum with no luck. I’m also a relative noob so this may be entirely my own fault.

I purchased the Rample used and had no issues with it for months.

What’s presently happening is that in a somewhat regular interval of 1 to 1.5 minutes it stops reading incoming gate signals. Not like a hard cut off of all gates but like one and then another till there are no signals received. After 10-20 seconds they will come back into play, almost as if it’s an oscillation.

This happens with two different Grids clones, Pam’s PW and 6equence and these were in use when the issue wasn’t present leading me to belive it has something to do with the Rample.

The SD card has been reformatted using the recommended app, and It’s on a fresh update of the latest Firmware. and that did not solve the issue.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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