Rample gets really hot…

I just got my Rample in the mail yesterday and so far I love it!
Cycling through samples in one slot makes this such a powerful thing!

But after about half an hour of playing around, it got really hot.

The heat is coming from this general area on the PCB (see photo attached)
It got so hot, I couldn’t really touch it anymore and I got a little scared it might start to desolder itself at some point : )

Is this a known Issue? Is it an issue at all? did anyone else experience this?
Thanks : )

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal, and there is zero risk of desoldering. There’s a component which dissipates heat on the other side.

It cools down fairly rapidly, so we didn’t think anyone would notice, but I guess that’s your punishment for unracking it so quickly :smiling_imp:

TL;DR: normal, don’t worry about it.


Oh, i didnt “unrack” it! This was my little test skiff! After testing I took it out to put it in my actual case!
: )

Good to know that’s normal then : ) thanks

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