Rample freezes after some time when it's being played

Hello everyone,
I already sent an email to Squarp, I love this amazing machine that I acquired almost a month ago. Everytime I use it with different sequencers by midi or CV, it freezes after some time, can take 20 minutes or 40 minutes…it’s random, but always happens and I have to switch off and on again my case to get it to work again, witch becomes impossible to use in a performance.
Anyone had any experience like this? I’m really frustrated with this.
Thanks in advance,

Hopefully you have heard from Squarp or will be soon.
Honestly I run into so few problems with the Rample and I use it every session - it’s my basic drum kit source for everything.

I would say it sounds like a data corruption issue. I would:

  • Verify you’re on the latest OS
  • Reformat your SD Card
  • Reload data from original source(s) (not from a backup of the card)

Squarp is the better place to start with something like this as they can give you a link to the original kit on the SD Card if you need them.

Hi, yes they contacted me very quickly.
They recommended me exactly what you wrote. It seemed to be fixed and then at some point started freezing again. I wonder if it’s related with the SD card or not…
If it is, should I buy a new one to try (which specs should the SD card have?) and if it might be the connection points between the module and the card…
Thank you for the answer!

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