Rample + Five12 MIDI issues

Hey guys I‘m new to the forum and pretty new to Modular sequencers & samplers, would really appreciate if you could help me out on this one! (:

I purchased a Fice12 sequencer and want to use it to trigger Rample via MIDI. But I can’t seem to get it work…
Also: how would you use it this combo to modulate params on Rample?

Thanks a lot!

I‘ve set the drum part (e.g. 5) on Vector, adjusted the midi chn to 1 on both devices and edited the Midi notes to 48-51 on both devices. The Part isn‘t muted either…can’t seem to get it working (most recent firmware update on both devices)

check your midi din → trs cable is correct (type A)

other than that it just a matter of sending notes
48,49,50,51 (though you can change )

iirc, its on midi channel 1 (or omni, but I think ch1)

btw: don’t rely on C4… as there are two different standards for where C3 is :wink:
if you don’t know midi note numbers you’re sending , try C3 , C4 and C5.

midi channel and notes numbers can be defined in Rample
see manual

similarly you can modulate via midi (again last page of manual)

you can also use CV , for this you need to assign the CV inputs to parameters.
(again in manual ;))

Hey Technobear! Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Good thinking with the C4 hehe, still that shouldn’t be an issue because I’m setting midi notes.

The cable I’m using is a generic Aux cable, as the midi out of five12 is also Aux. it should be 3pole TRS (spotting 2 rings and the sleeve obviously) tried another one as well which didn’t solve the issue. Is this another standard? I really don’t know much about that kinda stuff yet so appreciate your help a lot!

Well there is now one standard TRS ( TRS-A) which rample does use BUT many companies prior to this release products using TRS-B

basically this is just tip and ring reversed - enough to stop it working though ;).

Best way to test ( if possible) is try going via a midi din ( using adapter) - just in case

oh If you use an adapter also make sure is TRS-A , as some are designed for TRS-B :confused:


Well well, just read that the Vector supports Type B and Rample Type A, thanks a lot! Going to have a Midi Cable tomorrow and post the results :smile:


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If you have a spare cable you can just cut it and reverse the wiring.

Usually the ground/sleeve is black. So swap the other two wires.

it’s easier to do at the plug end if you have a soldering iron , but these days more often than not , we have molded plugs.

If you don’t have a soldering iron , you can just wrap the cables together … look up on YouTube how to join wires without soldering.

It’s all low voltage so nothing to worry about messing with this - worst that’ll happen is it won’t work :wink:

I’d do this , since it’s nicer to just have a simple cable rather than use adapters.

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