Rample defintion file not loading on pyramid (solved)

Anybody made a definition file for rample?
The one I made doesn’t seem to want to load on my pyramid. Double checked it and sure enough.

Never had the pyramid not accept a def file so not exactly sure what the problem is.

definition files don’t know anything about instruments, so no reason it shouldn’t work.
perhaps if you post then we can take a look, and fix it?

sometimes when coding i can stare at the same file for hours, and cannot spot the mistake :wink:

Just a sanity check. Look at the number of definition you have on the card.
Once, I had to many (definitions) and the last one I created didn’t load.

I tent to break down each machine into a separate file so I can easily load/store away the definition I need.

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mostly I used definition files from this forum and the ones I have made were pretty simple.

It’s fixed now but if I had to guess I think that the spacing in the name (18:S1 LVL) kept it from loading. I swear I thought you could put spaces in the cc def files but maybe that’s only with note definition… also I misspelled CHANNEL. haha

now its 18:S1LVL and works fine.



cool, please share it - I’m sure others will find it useful :slight_smile:


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Most of my definitions have space in the Cc name and I don’t have issue with it, I will tent to believe this is due to the CHANNEL misspelling.

Glad you got this working.

I trust you, domo as I don’t often craft my own def files as I mentioned. Thanks both of you for your help.

Rample def file is up.