Rample control with pure data

Hi everyone,
I just finished off a pure data patch to drive the Squarp Rample,
It has 4 oscillators sending out continuous midi control change out. It should work out of the box for anyone having pure data installed, no knowledge required. I am noob in pd, but i sort of copy and paste two patches together:
The Pinstrument https://www.reddit.com/r/puredata/comments/nfk8ay/pinstrument_modular_synthesis_on_raspberry_pi/ and the patch http://www.pdpatchrepo.info/hurleur/sjrbPDCC-1.pd by Shawn Jr Boulen.
All credits to them, i just rearranged them to fit my need. The purpose is to send midi control change to the Squarp with oscillators instead of using a sequencer. Of course, it can be used with any midi gear that takes midi control change inputs. does not sends midi notes, just cc messages matched with rample. Hope someone have fun with it, any feedback appreciated.

i forgot something…

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