Rample - changing pitch between triggers


I have a sample of a few seconds. It is being triggered slowly. I have a fast arpeggiator in the v/oct CV.
The note will only change pitch after a new trigger, not within the sample.

I would really like the rythme to be independent from the pitch – for a long sample to be able to shift within it’s length.

Is this possible ?


With MIDI, you could use Pitch Bend to modulate the pitch of a playing sample.
However, under the Assign a CV Input section on the manual, v/oct is listed as a separate option than assigning the input to pitch, so…does that modulate the pitch once the sample has been triggered?

The problem in using midi is that it will also send trigger.

I’m using hermod in conjunction with rample.
If I put midi out at the end of an effect chain and send that to rample it will trigger on each note change.

Unless there’s a way to route hermods arpeggiator to pitch bend (?).
I’ll re-read the manual.

Maybe I will try a different routing.
Like sending rhythm to hermod, having that move through different steps of arpeggiation, and sending that to rample.

In any case, thanks for the response.

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