QuNexus compatibility

Has anybody tested the KMI QuNexus into Hermod’s USB Host input? I couldn’t find mention of it here.

Yes. The user manual mentions that Hermod is compatible with Keith McMillen devices https://squarp.net/hermod_overview :slight_smile:
I think I already tested that with success

Oh, very cool. Somehow I had missed that.
Thank you ~

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After your message 5 days ago I decided to re-assign my QuNexus to Hermod :slight_smile: I still need to map the MPE features but that will be interesting…

Oooh. Good call re: the MPE. That’s something I never really messed with. What I love about the QuNexus is that with hold on, selected notes illuminate so as to be a reminder of the current voicing being sent to the arp.

With standard keyboards, I tend to forget. It’s not the easiest to play like a keyboard but it’s pretty much the best when paired with an arp and a chance effect (I used to have a Pyramid).

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