Quintuplets etc

does the Pyramid feature such?
I really use those rather often (in Ableton it is in fact a piece of cake
programming it)

Yes, you can do it.

Pyramid is not a step sequencer. View it more as a musical notation sequencer. If you can wrap your head around quintuplets notation then you can program them on the Pyramid.

Totally doable. Just zoom in close though and tap them out, or play them in with the appropriate resolution.
No sweat.

what des that mean? Where do you access the appropriate resolution to step in quintuplets?

Where do you access the appropriate Zoom resolution to step in quintuplets? I only see stuff in parts of 4 : 1/16…

Let’s say you’re in 4/4. Switch into polyrhythms mode, change signature to 5/4, now the pyramid steps are in quintuplet resolution. Enter your quintuplet notes and switch back to 4/4 signature.

However my pyramid seems to have a bug: in 5/4 signature the note length my pyramid displays doesn’t correspond to the note lengths I enter. Or is this expected behavior?