Questions about Patterns

Some Pattern questions:

  1. What is the difference between PATTERNS and TRACKMODE PATTERNS? Patterns I get, simple and straight forward. Then it explains Trackmode Patterns and I’m confused.

  2. Also: They mention in the manul that we have 32 paterns pre track. When I press STEP to select a pattern, there’s only 16 pads, is there a way to jump to a second bank that I don’t see? Arrow keys? I’m not seeing anything on screen notating the pattern banks.

  3. I tried this instruction from the manual and it is not working for me: I cannot access trackmode MUTES. Is this manula out of date with a recent OS update?

" To exit trackmode PATTERNS and enter trackmode MUTES, hold TRACK and rotate the menu encoder to the right. TIP Double-tap TRACK to enter trackmode PATTERNS, tap TRACK to go back to trackmode MUTES."

Thank you!

  1. Track Mode is Track Mode. Within Track Mode you can access Patterns.

  2. From the manual:

  3. Again, from the manual:

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Thank you, very helpful. I’m using the PDF download manual, should I got to the website live manual instead? This seems like it’s not from what I’m using to learn from.

First of all, I assume you’re talking about Pyramid, not Hermod.

The manual kind of makes it sound like “trackmode patterns” is some different kind of pattern. It isn’t. It’s just a different display mode (or maybe a sub-mode of the track display.) It shows what patterns have something in them and which are empty.

Yep. The < and > buttons will switch between patterns 1-16 and 17-32. It’s in the PDF manual on page 33, left hand column, about 1/3 of the way down the page. It’s really easy to miss.

Ehhh… yeah, I think those instructions in the latest PDF version of the manual are just wrong. Check out the online instructions for trackmode instead.

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Id recommend using the online manual.

You won’t really need it very long except for occasional review of shortcuts or things you might miss. The Pyramid makes sense once you get a few concepts and workflows down.

You got this


Thank you, ok so I’m not losing my mind. Appreciate the help.

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