Question regarding DAW midi effect routing

Hi guys,

I was wondering whether anyone could help me out with this pickle. I’m running Logic X alongside the Pyramid (Midi out to pyramid from DAW via USB). I’ve had fun routing that midi to external instruments and live midi effecting them, but:

Is there any way to take a Midi sequenced softsynth from the DAW piano roll, have it play into Pyramid, go ham with live midi effect fun, and then route that effected Midi back into the DAW? Either as a separate midi track or a separate midi file that is saved onto pyramid which I can then export back into my DAW.

I’m really sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but after hours of searching I thought I’d ask. Any help is much appreciated!

Press 2nd + track
Apply Consolidate saving to an empty track
Send it Back to daw and record to piano roll