Question about opening hapax

Got my hapax today and while I still have a lot of learning to do so far it is really great!

I do have a question for anyone who has taken the top off of the hapax though (@thetechnobear ?). I noticed some smudges on what appears to be the underside of the screen. I was wondering if the glass part of the screen (the part with the hapax logo) comes off with the top of the hapax so if I take the top off I could just wipe the smudges off and put the top back on.

Also, to remove the top do I just take off the encoders, unscrew the screws on top and take it off?

yes, the ‘glass’ is attached (glued?) to the faceplate, so comes off with it.
so presuming the ‘smudge’ is on the underside of that glass, then you can easily clean it.

the pcb then has the display ‘unprotected’ , so you could also gently (!) clean that if necessary… but I doubt thats the issue.

indeed to remove faceplate, simply remove encoder caps… then unscrew the screws on top, all very easy.

just make sure you use the correct screwdriver (T6) …
those heads are small, if you use an inappropriate screwdriver you WILL very likely burr the screws and make them very difficult to get out.

edit: obviously, Im not squarp… so, you do at your own risk !

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Ok great, thanks!

As an aside, you will normally void any warranty you have if you do this. I haven’t read the fine print from squarp though. So please be aware of this.

So should I send it back to france for them to wipe the screen for me ;-P?