Quantizing External CV Sources


Is it possible to have the Hermod to continuously listen to incoming CV signals from a random voltage source i.e. the Marbles and quantize them based on selected scales? If yes, I would love a recipe because I couldn’t do it :slight_smile:


Yes. Get Marbles t and x out into say hermod a and b in. Choose an empty track, as this wont work as long as you have something on that hermod track. Engage the scale effect and there you go. I have not tried the marbles y out to record (or input) a modulation track in hermod, but i‘d say this works as well-important is the gate and cv input for direct input monitoring. With the latest os there are problems when you‘d want to record cv only-i havent mastered this yet and prolly this is going to work with the new improved os where you can decide wether you want to override recorded cv or not-see fix that gate bug thread😎


Is there a way to do this without having to have a note entered on the step mode?

I’ve set up my Hermod to receive random voltages in Input A. I have that Cv effecting the Root Note of Track 1. And Track one has a Scale effect. But due to it being set to chang the root note, I have to have steps on the hermod step sequencer.

Is there another way to have configure the quantizer?


Actually I figured it out. There are two ways to use the mod matrix. Or two ways to set up distributing the CV inputs.

Option A: Track > Settings > CV IN >
(this allows you to set up a quantizer independent of the step sequencer)

Option B: Effects > Matrix


Hi sorry to reopen the thread im having a little trouble quantizing external cv source.

I have a random cv signal going in to CV C.

CV in settings are ‘Track 6 - Mod C’

I have the scale effect on track 6

The cv out of track 6 is going to the 1v/o of an oscillator.

However the pitch of the oscillator is still completely random and not quantized to the scale ive set.

Any pointers would be great!