Quantized punch in/out

Hi there, is it possible to have quantized recording punch in/out while the sequencer is running?

I other words: tell Pyramid to overdub the current track only once.

When I play keys while using the modwheel or any other modulation trigger, it’s difficult to end the recording manually. Not an issue when recording notes, but CC automation is immediately overwritten by successive recordings, so it’s hit or miss

Disclaimer: I received my Pyramid yesterday, I studied the manual beforehand but am of course not familiar with the all the subtleties…

Do you have the live looper feature enabled in the settings? From what I remember (been a couple of months though), without it live recording stops after the first loop although the track continues to play. It’d indeed be really really painful to try stop recording in time otherwise.

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No, live looper is off. I’ll try it out, it looks like that would do the job, good advice! It’s a general setting, I would have preferred a simple shortcut so that we can use only when needed. Either way, we must stop recording manually, but I can assign a footswitch to the rec function and it will be quantized to whatever I set it (generally, a bar) Thanks for the tip!

I may be mistaken here, but if you have to predefined the track length (which it sounds like you do since it’s wrapping around and overwriting your CC), you could try setting the length to be one bar longer than you actually need so you have time to stop the recording. Then you can shorten it when you’ve captured the desired take.

An ugly workaround, to be sure, as it would not let you seamlessly do multiple takes without stopping and resetting each time. But the lesser of two evils compared to having all CCs wiped out if you run long.

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