Quantization - effect or feature?

Hello !

I still have problems in understand the quantization / humanization FX.
Well, first I dont’ get why is actually an effect and not a feature ( not meaning fxs are not features) -
I understand “-/+human” is its opposite.
Anyway, result is I am not able to simply quantize.
Normally quantization its putting in straight line with time what we have played live.
but here seams I never get it right. why?

It’s an effect so that it can be non-destructively applied. That means the original performance can be maintained, should you need to revert to it or try a different quantization.

If you want to overwrite your recording with the quantized version, you can do this by doing a “consolidate” (CONS) operation from the 2nd + Track screen. https://squarp.net/modetrack


OK … all is very useful, now gonna check.

thing is that I can’t quantize moving through those options, there where other other sequncers or daws just have on/off quantizing with just on click, here I try and just make it worst. Maybe too many choice’s parameters?

Is there a way to follow, in order to just obtain a fast straight quatinzation?

and what this really means? : "… you can “consolidate” the effects, in order to writedown the notes + CC messages ‘COMPUTED’