PyraOS4.0 - Note Length Changes with Imported .mid

Note lengths of Tracks with previously imported *.mid files in Projects created with PyraOS4.0BETA have been extended (I’m not sure if there’s a multiple) with some of the longer note lengths (around 48steps) now being 127.

I’ve noticed this on at least 3 Tracks in this current Project once I upgraded to the release version of PyraOS4.0. Have a support request in, but curious if anyone else has noticed anything like this in case troubleshooting might be in order. (I realise everyone has a different workflow and YMMV)

It’s not just imported .mid, I have a project created entirely on the Pyramid where one track is exhibiting very long notes, no idea how that track differs from the others. The beta does not have that issue so it appears to be a regression introduced between beta and final. I’ll try to report my case to Squarp tomorrow, but go ahead and report yours in the meanwhile.


Yeah, I’m trying to re-import *.mid files and it’s going all sorts of wonky in ways that I can’t even organise what’s going wrong. Wow!

Okay, in attempting to re-import I ran into SO many issues with Note Length, or a weird one where the Pads indicated there was a note on the step 1 (there should be), and it’s supposed to be a note lasting 2 bars. So that would mean it would show a note starting on Step 1 and going for 32 steps.

However, if I hold down the pad where the Note Step is, the Note Length in the Pyramid window indicates 127 (which is a consistent thing across many of these erroneous note length issues), but the black bar that should be showing on teh screen does NOT show up. However, if i scroll to the next bar where the Note should be continuing, the black bar indicating a long note for that key of the Piano Roll shows.

Yeah, this OS is unusable for me so I popped back to OS3.23 and the very same Note Events which show as above show properly in OS3.23.

Not sure if this helps anyone with breaking down any WTF that they’re experiencing.
I’m hoping someone better at communication might be able to summarise this properly.

Edit to Add: Oh hell - I relied too heavily on the 4.0 “sending CC before Note Events” feature. Bah!

Oh ya I’m getting this bad. I thought it was a legato thing but all the notes have been extended.

With a simple test track with even-length single notes, increasing from quarter to half to whole notes, the quarter notes at start appear as length 65 and then start gradually decreasing with the full notes at the end appearing somewhere in 20-30 range. :crazy_face:

With more complex projects, the note lengths appear completely random. I initially thought this doesn’t affect all tracks, but that illusion is due to drum tracks appearing to play correctly regardless of the incorrect note lengths.

So this would seem to be a load-time bug introduced between 4.0 beta and final. AFAICS project saving works correctly, but if the lengths get corrupted on load and you then save it again, the project will likely be busted beyond repair.

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Thank you for following up with this!

I get so confused - ack.

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