pyraOS 4.01 - new firmware

Hey y’all!
After Friday’s disastrous release here’s version 4.01! :sweat_smile:

Let’s just say version 4.00 was an extended public beta, which was successful in that we found bugs :upside_down_face:.

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



thanks for the quick update/fix !

loaded on my Pyramid and looks good :slight_smile:

btw: one tiny cosmetic bug, info screen shows PyraOS : 4.1 rather than 4.01.
(boot splash screen correctly shows 4.01)

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thanks!! everything looks fine so far!

Yes! Thx for fixing the bugs. I’ll upgrade my Pyramid soon to 4.0.1💥

Great work @Thibault_Squarp :slight_smile:

Thank you for fixing the issues so quickly, and for prompt replies as well. Much appreciated!

Thanks for updating and also answering via email.

fixed beat skipped after a sequence change with 2ND+<> from STOP in SEQ=PLAY

Hi, I was so excited to finally be able to chain sequences but unless I’m crazy this bug was not fixed. I can not play a chain of sequences without the last beat dropping unless I play from the beginning. I submitted to Squarp also. Anyone else still dealing with this?

Sorry for sideways vid

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Haven’t had a chance to try with 4.00 or 4.01, however it was marked as fixed in beta1 already and I certainly experienced the issue there still. Reported to Squarp at that point, but haven’t heard back on that specific item so far.

thanks guys. big respect

Curious if anyone is dealing with this issue after update?

When pressing step and track to select patterns, the pads show the track layout and not the patterns. Pressing step and track multiple times sometimes fixes. ?

As I am new on Pyramid community. Does it makes sense to put these “defect” behaviour here or raising a bug to squarp team be best? (I would think the second choice 'd be better, though sharing in the community helps reproducing the behaviour before submitting)


I have not had chance to update yet @Saulstokes but can you tell me does the behaviour happen if using double tap on track to toggle between the modes, that is to say if you double tap track does it take you to pattern, and then if you tap track again does it exit pattern mode as it says in manual (not working on 3.20)

Also manual (3.2) states that holding track and turning encoder right exits track mode, but it should say left.

I wonder if the double tap behaviour was fixed and that is what might be causing the issue you are having?

I can repro this. The pads don’t switch to pattern mode when pressing STEP+TRACK. However the pads do switch to pattern mode if I hold track and turn main encoder left. This also works when the display already indicates pattern mode. Double tap TRACK does not work at all for me.

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For all bugs, please file a bug report via the form.


@Saulstokes yes it is always a good idea to check if other users are experiencing the issue here on the forum :+1: