We are now finalizing the new firmware for Pyramid!

It’s a major update, even if it does not includes new features: we focused on CPU optimization, overall stability, memory improvements, UI constancy and bug fixes.

We have been working hard on it, refactoring a lot of functions and tested the OS strongly, and we think it’s a good idea to make this firmware beta tested by users for maximum solidity.

If you are interested by testing PyraOS 4.0 BETA, please subscribe by sending us an email at : before end of January, we will send you the firmware and the list of bug fixes / optimizations.

Thanks, have a nice day!
The Squarp instruments team



looking forward to it

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exciting, count me in :slight_smile:

Email sent. I had a feeling something was up, I was drawn to the forum for the last couple of days. :slight_smile:

Really awesome to see this kind of update so long after product launch!
I admit I had practically given up hope on seeing further updates to Pyramid at all, but instead we’ll be getting a major update which concentrates on improving fundamentals and polishing what’s there rather than trying to squeeze in a hasty feature or two more (people will never get enough of those).

Big kudos to Squarp! :partying_face:


I also sent out a mail! :slightly_smiling_face:

What an exciting bit of news. Stoked to take 'er for a spin.

Email sent !

this is going to be great fun. love my unit. was going pass it on but gave it another go and i havent even scratched the suface yet

I’m interested.

after quick test os seems more stable. plus they have changed the logo on the start screen which is ace.
thanks squarp for the time and effect to do another os update

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ah i was hoping someone had tried this out. I guess I didn’t want to be the first to install the beta (nerves, you know?) - thanks for letting us know it’s safe!

Was running it yesterday, didn’t notice any issues.

Given that this seems like it’s a big refactor under the hood, does this free up more headroom for new features down the line?

great to see an update is in the works!

okay folks - i found my first bug - I’ve already let squarp know but I thought i’d tell you folks too - maybe you can confirm or deny it, or if you find it, then you don’t need to go out of your way to tell squarp about it.

Basically the behavior I noticed is, at least for my songs there are erroneous additional program change messages sent out on all song loads except for the first one right after you power on the pyramid. And, these subsequent loads are affected by the current state of the pyramid. The result is you can get up additional PC messages sent so your synths with values like 1 or 124, or sometimes it will send additional PC messages that are the last value you sent on a given channel. This only affects tracks that are unmuted (enabled) for the selected sequence you saved in your song at the time of loading the song.

For example, if I load one song, play it breifly, the I load a second song I’ll get a series of PC messages. In this case, to make this happen, for the first song I have to send a PC message to channel 10 by pressing a seq button. Then in the subsequent song, there’s no PC value assigned to the track enabled for channel 10. It received PC values 9, 1, and 9 - all on loading the song.

Anyways - I sent squarp a super detailed write up on this - but maybe you’ll run into it too. Cheers, and happy beta testing.