PYRAMID's USB MIDI with USB Host device

I have USB port connected to USB Host device(From Hobbytronics) via USB cable then its MIDI OUT(DIN) to a MIDI synth’s MIDI IN(DIN). But the connected Synth does not respond to any messages.

Under Pyramids’ MIDI OUT setting, I made sure USB SYNC to SEND and USB START/STOP to SEND. But even START/STOP does not work…

The synth has no problem because I checked it with DIN MIDI OUT of Pyramids.

So my question is…

Is my use of PYRAMID’s MIDI USB port wrong? Does that port work only with Computers?

Or perhaps Hobbytronics USB MIDI Host is not compatible to use with PYRAMID?

I hope somebody can answer my questions…

Thank you in advance for anybody’s help…

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Hello! Was there ever an answer to this question? I hooked my new Pyramid up to my MPC One today via USB, and the MPC One cannot see it.
My computer can see it when I plug into my PC.

so if anyone else ever has this problem – for me it was a cable issue. It seems there are some USB A - USB Mini that only work for power, and some work for power AND data. And now my MPC One, which does act as a USB MIDI hub, can see my new pyramid.