Pyramid with iPad powers off

Hello. I’m new here as I just got my first pyramid. I bought it used. It is updated and works great. Except when I try to power it with my iPad. It randomly powers off. It usually happens when I’m turning a knob or switching tracks. I have my iPad hooked up to the pyramid via the camera connection kit.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows how to fix it. I was considering buying a powered usb hub or a midi interface like an iconnect or something but I’m hesitant to spend money on something I’m not sure will work. Any advice would be great.

No issues here powering it from a powered USB hub. Have not tried powering it from the mio10.

Squarp sells an optional 2-amp USB power supply here but will leave it to others to address if an iPad can successfully sustain power to the Pyramid.

Here’s an older thread on similar topic

I wouldn’t expect any mobile device to power the Pyramid in addition to itself.

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Powered hub can do it, but I highly recommend grabbing one of those iconnect things as it really opens things up as far as routing and the possibility of using ios in tandem with other hardware, or even with another device (the iconnectaudio4 connects to two host at once so you can connect a computer and an ipad for example and pass audio and midi anywhere)

just tried this with my iPhone :slight_smile:

so yeah, if the iPhone is not powered, indeed the Pyramid will not power up.

BUT if you use the newer camera connection kit, which allows you to power the iPhone at the same time,
then it all works fine! (at least for me, in the short test that i did… ymmv )

(this makes for a portable setup, since you can power the iPhone from a usb battery pack)

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I have the new camera connection kit. It was still happening with it powered albeit less so than unpowered. What I ended up doing was getting a new usb mini cable and it seems to have fixed the issue almost entirely. I was only able to replicate the issue once by turning the track length up and down quickly. The cable is one I’ve had around for years so it was probably just bad. Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions.

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my feeling has been that the pads LEDs are the main power draw
(since when I get noise issues, its always related to the pads)

have you tried enabling LED Brightness = Night mode?
I’d expect this to reduce the power consumption a bit, and so make it more stable.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try if it starts happening again but so far it hasn’t.

After some test I think Ipad connection through usb is not stable. For example using an official apple lightning to USB 3 camera device it powers the pyramid but as soon as you try to save the work it switches off then off. If the pyramid is alimented with USB from a computer or a power bank for example. I don’t have the issue. So I would recommend using USB to power the pyramid and using a midi to USB cable (like UM1 from roland) to connect to Ipad. that way it works great.

My bad. with official apple lightning to USB 3 camera device and a WORKING lightning cable it works. basically you plug the camera device to the ipad you connect the lightning cable to a power charger for cellphone, and you connect the mini usb cable of the pyramid to the USB port of the camera device and it works like a charm : the power charger powers both ipad and the pyramid. super lightweighted setup!!!