Pyramid with iConnectivity MIO 10

Hi all,

I’m seriously considering a Pyramid for my home studio. However, I do need more than than the two outputs. I was looking at the iConnectivity MIO 10 with it’s USB host capability. Has anyone tried this combination? Can the Pyramid see and use all of the MIO 10’s inputs and outputs?

Thank you very much!

I use the iCM4+ just for that. There are many here who do so. They work together great!

Thanks Joosep!

So the Pyramid sees all the iCM4+ ins and outs? So theoretically it should do the same with the MIO 10

I can confirm : ) I have the iCM4+ too
so there is no problem with the iConnectivity interfaces

but when you say “the Pyramid sees the ICM ins outs”, it does’nt work exactly like that

the Pyramid “see” nothing it just sends information to 48 midi channels (32 via MIDI DIN and 16 via USB)

you have to configure your ICM first if you want rechannelize, re-route etc.

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Ah, so it can only access one MIDI port via USB? I thought it could access as many ports as the interface has.

yes, only 1 virtual MIDI port via USB
but actually it is better to think in terms of “midi channels” (16 channels via USB)

because you can configure the outputs of your ICM like you want
from the 16 channels the ICM receive on the USB port, you can send (for example) 4 channels on MIDI output port1 and re-route 4 other channels on MIDI output port 2 etc.

same thing if you connect the MIDI DINs of the Pyramid to the ICM
like I said you can have up to 48 MIDI channels to route

if you want a “complex routing” and share the midi channels accross the different outputs of your MIO 10,
it is possible
but the configuration has to be made on the MIO, not on the Pyramid

All clear now, thank you very much for the explanation!

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Hi I’m new here. Just got my Pyramid and connected the USB to the Mio10. Not having much luck with everything. I’m getting Midi feedback loops and the Keystep’s notes are triggered late. Bit of a mess really. But only up and running for an hour or so…

Ok. Sorted after a nights sleep thinking. Mio10 routing changes to exclude Digitakt.