Pyramid will not boot at all

Just powers on to a blank screen. Checked the sd card, and it wasn’t even recognizable by my computer. formatted another sd card, to ms-dos FAT, and put the PyroOs.bin file on it, powered up, holding the main encoder, just a blank screen. Tried multiple power supplies, multiple cables, and nothing. Thoughts? Ideas? Is there a bootloader I need to install? do I need to connect to my computer?

ouch, doesn’t sound good…

the pyramid will boot, even if an SD card is not inserted… you can try this, if you suspect the sdcard.
(its not running the firmware off the sdcard).

the fact that you cannot get it to re-flash the firmware is also ‘concerning’, since this part of the bootloader you’d never expect to be ‘corrupted’, as its never changed.

if your getting nothing on the display, it may be a different hardware issue e.g. with the screen!?

anyway, there’s no other ‘user’ facing solution to re-flashing it, so you’ll need to contact Squarp via the contact form - Ive a suspicion it my have to go back to be repaired… but they will obviously guide you through this.

good luck, hope you can get it fixed asap.

Thanks for the info. Sent Squarp a message via the contact form, so now we’ll see.

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