Pyramid w/USB keyboard via DAW

Dear all

I wa wondering if you could help me out, I have a small setup for travel consisting of the pyramid and an akai mpk mini which I am using through logic pro.

Is it possible with this setup to send chords/notes/record into the live mode/euclidean on the pyramid using the daw in the middle? So, usb keyboard > logic > pyramid?

Also, can it be used to trigger the pyramid?

Thank you for your help.

I’m not a Logic Pro user myself, but this link looks like it could be of some help:

You basically follow the steps, but replace the midi out port with the pyramids midi out, and that might do the trick.

I use a similar setup that your post suggested with Ardour DAW on Linux, where i just open “midi connections” and add a selection to connect/route midi-in from usb-keyboard to midi out of my usb-midi device that connects to pyramid. In pyramid I can use either echo-on/multitrack-off setup or echo-off/multitrack-a,b…etc, depending how i want the channels to work.

In first option with echo-on, it always sends to Pyramid’s active track’s midi channel regardless of keyboard’s transmitting channel, and in multitrack mode the keyboard’s midi channel is used to select the destination track/channel.

in addition I’ve selected for my DAW to send midi MMC/MClock to MIDI interface that is connected to Pyramid. And have DAW as my master clock.

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thank you for this, I’ll give it a try - i dont have my midi interface here, so i’ll need to route to the pyramid via its usb if it is possible. I bought the pyramid whilst I am away from my setup, so i havent even been able to use it with my hardware synths/drum machines/fx yet - just with vst’s - but its still been pretty rewarding and a good way to learn the unit.

okay, i tried a few things to get what i wanted on Logic pro. eventually I created the connections quite simply in the logic environment.

On the clicks and ports layer, you can see by default the physical input is summed and sent to the input notes which meant both the pyramid and midi keyboard send midi into logic. I needed to separate the pyramid and midi keyboard so that the keyboard sends midi to the pyramid, but not to logic.

I have listed the steps below incase anyone else wants to know how to do this on logic in the future, Im sure there may be a better way, but this seems to work and is pretty easy even though it uses the environment:

  1. Open environment
  2. At the top left change the layer view to clicks and ports
  3. Physical input icon shows three outputs; sum, pyramid and keyboard
  4. Delete cable going from the sum to the input notes icon (the piano roll icon)
  5. Create a new cable from the pyramid output on the physical input icon to the input note (the piano roll icon)
  6. Now the pyramid is connected to logics midi input
  7. To send the midi keyboard to the pyramid, create a new midi instrument in the ‘new’ dropdown menu at the top of the window
  8. Create a new cable from the midi keyboard output on the physical input icon to the new midi input module
  9. Click on the new midi instrument icon
  10. On the left of the screen, the details of this icon will appear
  11. On the Port dropdown menu, select the pyramid
  12. The midi controller now goes only to the pyramid on midi channel 1
  13. When a track is selected on the pyramid, the midi keyboard now plays whatever track is selected via the pyramid
  14. You can now play into the pyramid: set chords, record live etc.

There are other settings on the pyramid and in environment to send the input on different midi channels/tracks as you wish, but this covers the basic connection. If there is a better way, please feel free to correct me or remove my post - I’m no midi genius by any means.

Happy sequencing!


Thank you for posting the solution!

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