Pyramid Track Speed

I bought Hermod a few weeks ago and generally just like the feel of it , clunky in a good way. I feel involved. so ive now decided to add Pyramid in to the mix and use the two together, controlling 6u of modular and then Arturia VSTs for pads and poly stuff.

One thing i havent quicky found on line is if you can change the play back speed of Midi tracks on Pyramid?

Has anyone else used the two together and found it working rather than just over-lapping?


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so far I haven’t found a way to do it, I can only change the number of steps or the “time signature”, but that also changes the number of steps and rearranges existing notes, so it doesn’t work for track speed control :frowning:

changing the time signature or number of steps doesn’t help:

it’s not possible though has been requested since the beginning :slight_smile:


OK so after some experimenting and… :scream: math! :scream: I understand that in polyrhythms signature mode changing the upper number of the time signature does change the track speed, as if there was a BPM multiplier in effect: eg. changing 4/4 to 2/4 halves the BPM multiplier (and the track speed), changing 4/4 to 8/4 doubles the BPM multiplier (and the track speed), however it also modifies your notes!!!, eg. when changing 4/4 to 2/4 the existing note durations get halved, when changing 4/4 to 8/4 the note durations double. So the resulting effect is that the notes play with the same speed.

So to be able to actually change the note durations it would be sufficient to remove or disable either the existing notes duration modification or the BPM multiplier (track speed) modification when the upper number of the time signature is changed by the user

(The polymeters signature mode only changes the track length when changing the signature and doesn’t change the BPM multiplier, nor the track speed, nor the note durations.)

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I’m sorry but I cannot follow you.
Wich BPM Multiplier you’re talking of? Also I don’t know anything about a Note length modifier.
Changing the upper Signature-number doesn’t change the playback speed - except you ar ein euclidean mode.

the “bpm multiplier” is an internal setting I inferred from the functioning of the pyramid the programmers likely used to make it possible to play tracks with different measures with different BPM speeds

in this video you can see changing the upper signature number does change the track speed: (turn on the subtitles)

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ah okay so you referring to what internally happens in the software, and therefore should be possible to modify

it wasn’t so clear in your first post … sounded to me you found a way to playback a track at different speed