Pyramid touchpad + CV.Ocd

Hi all!

I recently got my pyramid, loving it so far. I have a CV.Ocd to run it into my eurorack system, and Im looking to do something like, using the touchpad for X Y values, with a CV output, and my touch to enable a gate. Has anybody ever done this? I cant seem to find the right settings for it

Using latest OS btw

Thanks, cheers!

you can assign x/y to different CCs, and so CVs.
but there is no ability to send something that would cause a gate when you touch the x/y pad.

Actually, if you assign the touchpad to the smartpads you can generate CV and trigger signals, at least it worked for me in combination with Hermod. I’d need to check out how this can be replicated with the Pyramid only. A pretty fun way to generate staccato phrases BTW!

doesn’t that generate a trig every time you slide on the pad… as it creates a new note.
rather than just when you place your finger on the pad, and remove it.
(which i believe is what the OP wanted)

You are correct, every time a new “smartpad” is reached via the touchpad, a trigger is generated.