(pyramid tip2) How to offset the LFO amplitude

EDIT: This feature was already in there but ill leave the post as is, maybe its useful for someone anyways. the easy way of doing this(copied from the manual: TIP Rotate the main encoder right to display the OFFSET parameter, instead of the PHASE parameter

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Just assign one of the encoders to the same cc as the lfo is outputting, Voilà! you now control the amplitude offset of that LFO, make sure to decrease the range a bit to make it more obvious!

Simple but important!

Btw dont forget to use disp when in the lfo page to view the waveform. And that you can chain lfos after another to create more complex waveforms (just set them to the same cc value)

i kinda have a feeling there is other ways of doing this, maybe with the cc automation i step mode… My research continues.



True. I do wish it worked the same way with the CC sequencing though. If you assign an encoder or touchpad axis to a CC, it doesn’t offset or “transpose” the CC sequence - the sequence just overrides the last manually set value once it reaches the next step.

after some mail correspondence with the Squarp team i realized this tip is obsolete, if i just read the manual more carefully :upside_down_face:
Copied from the manual:
TIP: Rotate the main encoder right to display the OFFSET parameter, instead of the PHASE parameter:


Nice I still have to learn what phase and offset are actually doing

when you automate the number 2 in the LFO mode is it automating both at the same time do you know?

it would automate whatever it is set on, for example if you changed parameter 2 in the lfo to offset, the automation would control offset, i you go back to the lfo and switch knob 2 to phase, the modulation would now control phase instead.

Phase: changes the lfo cycle start point back and forth in time

offset: changes the zero/middle point that the lfo cycles around

if that makes sense? :slight_smile:



Yes that makes perfect sense I can actually see the offset and phase affect the LFO shape in the display which is really cool

thanks for the great response

what I am actually interested in now is it possible to have a lag (slew) effect going with the LFO like with the Roland 555 module

around the 4.35min mark in this video

I can’t seem to automate the offset. Every time I leave the fx menu it flips back to phase. Phase and offset need to be separate things…